A track without mud. At UWTC there was only grass. And the fence around the track, was more dangerous than the track itself: steep climbs and descends op specially cultivated dykes around the brand new BMX track. More than enough ingredients for technical riders as for powercrossers.

As usual, the more than experienced people at UWTC were excellent. They ‘know the drill’. A brand new clubhouse and awesome dressingrooms made the race at UWTC very enjoyable. All ACC riders were thankful guests.

De final at UWTC seemed to be the ideal setting for the last ACC race. Of course, there were ACC Winners Jerseys for all GC winners in each category, but also an ACC jersey for one ‘lucky winner’ in each category and a fabulous buff(shawl) for every rider who completed 6 or more races with a transponder.

Fortunately, we didn’t have to wash our bikes; they were still clean after the race.

Next season we will be racing on the different tracks around Amsterdam. But … we’ll change some of the ways in which the competiton will be organised.

Our advise: like our Facebook en follow us on Instagram andTwitter. Of course we will communicate all news about possible changes via our website. And we will share that news via our social channels. At least then you know when the registrations open ­čśë



Our ‘Click Brigade’ was present. Just like they were at all of the other races. Again Kristel Nijssen, Dick Visser, Klaas Groot and Hans Steekers took some amazing photographs of all of us. Thankfully Rinus’ collarbone healed quickly, so this time he didn’t take any pictures but got on his bike. Obviously ­čÖé

You can find the pictures that Kristel took, at myalbum.com/album/JeH31Ac8rWxG.

Dick Visser took pictures of the 40- categorie: photos.app.goo.gl/JwUag4P9qCxWhuua6.

The pictures of Klaas Groot are at photos.app.goo.gl/2YKZJXyPotXrRwUS9.

Hans Steekers shared two series of photo’s via his Facebook. Are you amongst them? He invites you to tag yourself or someone else in his pictures!


Of course, Felix and Danny joined the last race of the season, with camera’s mounted to their bikes. Check out their video’s below ­čĹç­čĆ╗

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